Unleash the Power of the Endearing Roses



Unleash the Power of the Endearing Roses

Ruth Hoskins | 9 July 2014

What can be more heavenly than closing the door, switching off your cell phone or laptop, and creating some luxurious, pampering me-time with the help of your favorite spa and beauty products? No deadlines, no worries at the back of your mind — just pure indulgence.

But serious pamper-time doesn’t have to wait for that special combination of mood and time — the fragrance of rose can easily transport you to that indulgent state in an instant. What is it about the rose that makes it that much more decadent, and makes us feel special, alive, and fabulously divine?

A Beautiful Blossom

With a long and rich history dating back over 35 million years, the rose has long been known as the queen of fragrances because of its beautiful blossom. What woman doesn’t want to ‘smell of roses?’ Its fragrance is vibrant, sweet, intoxicating and takes us into a world of sunny skies and butterflies, even on a cloudy day.

The Queen of Flowers

The magnificent rose has played a role in many cultures and civilizations. The Romans cultivated them and decorated their banquet room carpets in roses. They even floated them in wine and beer because of their aphrodisiac qualities. Greek mythology dubs the rose ‘the Queen of flowers’. The power of this flower cannot be underestimated as the ultimate symbol of love, beauty, passion and decadence. Which flower has as many well-known sayings and phrases dedicated to it?

Luminosity and Radiance

It is also packed full of nutrients and has long been a key ingredient in beauty products. Rich in flavonoids, anti-oxidants, tannins, and vitamins A, C, D, E and B3 that make skin truly glow. A super-flower, it maintains hydration of the skin and protects its luminosity, making your skin feel supple and radiant.

The Precious Elixir

Pure rose oil is, in fact, one of the most expensive and precious ingredients on earth. The finest rose fragrances are cultivated when the rose petals are collected in the sunshine. Sun and warmth are the essential ingredients for the finest fragrance.

As if that’s not precious enough, did you know that it takes three tons of fresh rose petals to make just one liter of essential oil? What could be more indulgent than scattering freshly picked rose petals around your home spa, or even on your bed? So go on, indulge yourself!

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