Bring Out Your Inner Goddess – From Head to Toe



Bring Out Your Inner Goddess – From Head to Toe

Nicola Chalmers | 9 July 2014

From stepping into your morning shower to a late afternoon blow-dry, every beautiful step you take brings you closer to unleashing the gorgeous you. Before that special moment — whether it’s drinks with the girls or that all-important date — fill your day with attractive thoughts to ensure you are ready to unleash your inner goddess.

Fingers and Toes

Body language is an important communication tool, and can be vital for first impressions, especially when meeting someone new. We use our hands as much as our lips to communicate — so make sure that they are noticed for the right reasons. Go for a mani-pedi and get beautiful nails; it’s the chance to present the well-groomed lady who takes pride in her appearance. Don’t be shy; rather than opting for shades that complement, go for a burst of color – be motivated by your inner confidence and polish up with a tone that is nothing less than dazzling.

Radiance with Fragrance

Luxuriate in a little me-time with Caress® body washes, and immerse yourself in fragrance. Wherever you go, admirers will be captivated by your radiant smooth skin and aura of gorgeous self-assurance.

The Mane Attraction

Remember that your hair is your greatest accessory, one that you wear rain or shine, day and night — so it deserves the very best. Be inspired, and treat your crowning glory to a blow out or boldly styled up-do. Flat, lifeless hair is a barrier to feeling beautiful, so blow away any inhibitions with a fabulous do, for the confidence you need to own the night. Remove any doubts and look forward to a fantastic time ahead.

Highlight the Skin You’re In

Your skin is glowing; your hair shining, and you are filled with a feeling of delicious anticipation. Now to amp up your charm with flawless, elegant makeup that accentuates your assets. Enthrall with your inner fire. For a classy yet playful look, opt for minimal eye shadow, some liquid eyeliner, and a splash of brilliant lipstick with a hint of added sparkle. A megawatt smile will stop them in their tracks. A subtle shimmer can give added appeal and a confident glow.

All That Glitters

Whether you’re a fan of edgy glamor or sophisticated cool, choose an outfit that accentuates your femininity. Perhaps a little black dress is your go-to-outfit for a dose of gorgeousness? A sparkle of sequins will give you a boost as well as a frisson of fabulous. Pick an outfit that helps you exude confidence and self-assurance, and brings out the best in your personality.

Scent Appeal

The best way to be remembered is by your fragrance, which will linger as a sweet reminder long after you have left the room. Choose an elegant option to complement the gorgeous bouquet of floral scents already playing across your skin. Add a dash of heady vanilla, or a spritz of spicy sandalwood for a scent of sophistication. Apply to the pulse points of your inner wrists, at the base of the neck, and behind the earlobes. Feel the fragrance empower you, as you get ready to step into the limelight. The night is yours for the taking!

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