Don’t Worry, Be Happy: How to Light Up Your Fabulous Smile

Ruth Hoskins | 9 July 2014

Does a special scent bring on a naughty smile? It is well known that scent is one of the most powerful senses we are blessed with. Yes, happiness in a bottle is possible.

Fragrances can seriously alter our mood. Beautiful fragrances lift our spirits and make us cheerful. Bring on the joy! What fragrances make your face light up? Freshly cut flowers, mint leaves, the roaring ocean, your signature perfume, or a mood-enhancing scented candle trigger cherished memories.

Fragrances are inextricably linked to our memories. They can tell the story of your life. Walk into a room someplace you’ve never been, and instantly a stranger’s scent or flowers on display can take you away, back to a barely remembered time, or treasured moment shared with loved ones. Suddenly, the weight of the present lifts, and you’re left grinning all day. Evocative memories are stirred by scent in ways that no other sense can stir us. Breathe in that scent and two points in time are connected. A brief moment can be a memory lasting a lifetime.

How can you get that mood-enhancing feeling every day?

Make every day special starting with your morning shower — one with the invigorating Caress® Aqua SparkleTM will do the trick. The combination of refreshing Mint and chilled Cucumber notes will lift your spirits and energize you. All as the tingling coolness keeps you revitalized and refreshed all day, planting a smile on your face.

Let rich and sensual scents like the aromatic sandalwood bring back cheeky memories and playful moments. Mix it with delicate sweet florals like jasmine or rose in a reed diffuser and you’ll be basking in an uplifting and light-hearted fragrance all day.

Fragrances are unique. Your own scent selection speaks volumes about your mood; fresh and floral notes make for a breezy attitude. For ultimate happiness, a big beaming smile coupled with scented drops on your pulse points radiate a fabulously feminine vibe. Happiness is contagious!

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