Caress® Silkening Body Wash & Beauty Bar


Silkening Body Wash


Daily Silk™

Want to feel irresistible every day? Caress® Daily Silk™ features the delectable fragrances of white peach and silk blossom, and leaves you with irresistibly silky-soft skin.

Green, Pineapple, Geranium, Muguet

Rose, Aldehydes, Iris

Musk, Powder, Sandalwood

A concoction to evoke
Confident, Indulgent and Alluring feelings

Endless Kiss™

Want to indulge yourself every day? Infused with the scent of Creamy Vanilla and Sandalwood, it will transform your daily shower into an everyday treat, and leave your skin feeling soft and silky all day long!

Lemon Meringue, Peach Nectar

Coconut Cream, White Caramel

Elegant Musk, Sandalwood, Rich Vanilla Orchid

A concoction to evoke
Confident, Indulgent and Alluring feelings


Glowing Touch®

Want to shine bright and feel your best every day? Caress® Glowing Touch® bathes your body in gentle skin brighteners and moisturizing shea cream, leaving you feeling radiantly soft all over. With your skin in the spotlight, all eyes will be on you!

Pinapple, Apple, Orange

Gardenia, Freesia, Tuberose

Sandalwood, Coconut, Balsam Vanilla

A concoction to evoke
and feelings


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